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 Art of Shigeo Fukuda

     Japanese artist Shigeo Fukuda is the most prolific and versitile of all the illusion artists. His artistic opus is incredible and his works are displayed all over the world. He is well-known in Japan, where most of his work is on display. He has created illusionistic art (both two-dimensional and three-dimensional) in all manner of categories, impossible objects, ambiguous sculptures, distorted projections, anamorphic art, etc.

     He is the author of three Japanese books on illusions.

Picture Picture


     "Duet" (seen above) is a three-dimensional sculpture, which (as you move around it) transforms from a pianist to a violinist. The three pictures above show the same sculpture from three different views.


     Fukuda's "Disappearing Column" makes the impossible possible. This is a physical model of the famous impossible trident, which many people thought would be impossible to make as a physical three dimensional model.

     Of course, it works from only one angle.

"Disappearing Column"


     Taking advantage of an Ames Projection, Fukuda has constructed a bizarre piano so that the lines of it still coincide with the lines of sight of a real piano.

     Seen from one special angle, the reflection of the physical model looks perfectly normal.

"Reflections of a Piano"

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