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     If you are interested in putting a link to this site onto your site, you may copy the IllusionWorks logo (at the top left of this page) for that purpose only. For all other copying information, please read below.

     IllusionWorks, L.L.C. represents the proprietary work of many of the world's leading illusion artists, or has relationships with those who do. IllusionWorks also represents the work of Al Seckel, who is primarily responsible for authoring the text on this web site as well as designing many of the interactive applets.

     IllusionWorks, L.L.C. has an extensive database of literally thousands of illusion designs, both academic and artistic. Obviously, most of them are not available on this web site. This database consists of high resolution digital files, which can be used to republish images at any size. IllusionWorks can also design unique illusions for customized purposes.

     If you are interested in using any of the images, applets, or text seen on this website for either your own website, book, newspaper, magazine, or educational and commercial applications, you must contact IllusionWorks, L.L.C.  You can not reprint any information, graphic, text, or otherwise without written permission.

Contact Information:

Rights Department

IllusionWorks, L.L.C.

1105 Avon Oak Terrace

Glendale, CA 91206                                                                               

Please contact us for a price list for specific applications and use.

All text on this website has been authored by Al Seckel and copyrighted by IllusionWorks, L.L.C. All other images and concepts are proprietary material and copyrighted by IllusionWorks, L.L.C. All exceptions are noted. Illegal users of any proprietary images will be prosecuted.