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Applet author: Mark Newbold

Programing: Mark Newbold  3D Hypercube©1997 Mark Newbold


What you are looking at:

    You are looking at the projection of a 4-dimensional Hypercube onto 3 dimensions.

     A Hypercube is a generalization of a 3-dimensional cube to 4 or more dimensions. A 4-dimensional Hypercube is also called a Tesseract. The Hypercube is randomly tumbling in its 4-dimensional space. Note that four edges meet at each vertex of the Hypercube. These edges are all mutually perpendicular in 4-dimensional space.

Things to Do and Notice:

     Start/Stop Button: The Start/Stop button starts/stops the applet's rotation thread. The button label switches from "Start" to "Stop" as appropriate.

     Detach/Attach Button: The Detach Button detaches the applet from the Web page and places the applet in its own frame window. You can resize the frame window or maximize it to fill the entire screen. Once the applet has been detached, the button label changes to "Attach" and clicking the button causes the applet to re-attach to the Web page.

     Speed Control: The Speed Control varies the speed of the animation in a range of 1 through 100 (arbitrary units). Click on the "+" button to increase the speed. Click on the "-" button to decrease the speed. Above a certain point, increasing the speed will have no effect due to your computer's limitations.

     Projection Control: The Projection Control varies the viewpoint distance for Projection from 4D onto 3D. The range is 0 through 95 in steps of 5. A setting of 0 gives an infinitely distant viewpoint (orthogonal projection). High settings give a "fish-eye" effect.

    Manual Rotation: To rotate the image in 3D-space, click on the Hypercube panel and drag the mouse with the mouse button held down. To rotate in 4D-space, hold down the shift key before you click and drag. With repeated application of these two types of rotation, you can achieve any desired 4D-space orientation of the Hypercube.

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