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In September 2016, the US media corporation Thomson Reuters published a list including 3000 of the "world's most highly cited researchers" between 2003 and 2016.

Mental disorders threaten both health care and social systems - presented by Professor Dr. Hans-Ulrich Wittchen and Dr. Susanne Knappe 2015.

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ROAMER Roadmap (Short version)
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Lancet Psychiatry Online First - Mental health research priorities for Europe:

Further informationen: Dr. Susanne Knappe.

DSM-5 German Version 2015
The Diagnostics and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders - DSM-5 ®: German Version, edited by Peter Falkai and Hans-Ulrich Wittchen, co-edited by Manfred Döpfner, Wolfgang Gaebel, Winfried Rief, Henning Saß, and Michael Zaudig, was published by Hogrefe Verlag in 2015
It is an internationally accepted classification system for mental disorders and allows for reliable diagnostics.

The Roadmap for Mental Health Research in Europe (ROAMER) was published as a special issue in the International Journal of Methods in Psychiatric Research (IJMPR, Issue 23, Suppl. 1) in 2014..
IJMPR, Issues 23, Suppl. 1

As a part of ALICE RAP, Professor Dr. Jürgen Rehm , has contributed to the AMPHORA Project Manifest (Alcohol Public Health Research Alliance). Its most important statements and findings are summarised as an e-book under: .

Textbook "Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy"

ECNP/EBC REPORT 2011: The size and burden of mental disorders and other disorders of the brain in Europe 2010

Results and Conclusions of the PREMOS Project (Predictors, Moderators and Outcome of Substitution Treatment)
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